Big news out of New York City this afternoon as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he’s endorsing a plan to begin the process of closing the Rikers Island jail facility that houses some 10,000 inmates daily with upwards of 100,000 admissions/year:

De Blasio had referred to closing the jail as “unrealistic” in prior statements, but now he’s changed his mind:

De Blasio wants to replace Rikers with a network of “borough-based jails,” at an estimated cost of $10.6 billion. From the NYT:

The commission’s top recommendation, according to a draft of the report reviewed by The New York Times, is to move inmates off Rikers Island and into a system of smaller, borough-based jails, at a cost of $10.6 billion

And once Rikers is closed, get ready for New York City’s hottest new neighborhood that people can move to who all of a sudden find themselves living next to “borough-based jails” around the city:

Ka-ching! Look at those views! Access to Long Island Sound, too. Only one road in and out. Rikers Island could be the most desirable land in the city:


Although nothing will make a New Yorker conservative faster than seeing their property values go down thanks to new jails moving in. We’ll see if this proposal goes anywhere, but it’s doubtful.