Words have meanings and CNN’s Reza Aslan should know better than to ratchet up the rhetoric over a reported U.S. air raid in Mosul that resulted in over a hundred civilian deaths:

CNN — Aslan’s employer — reported that the strikes were directed at individual targets — which is NOT carpet bombing. The CNN report also said that the home might have been boob-trapped by ISIS, which contributed to the death toll. Aslan also missed that the airstrike was reportedly carried out under a policy set by … wait for it … President Obama:

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis commented to reporters that the U.S. always tries to “do everything humanly possible to reduce the loss of life or injury among innocent people. The same cannot be said for our adversaries.”

But, hey, what’s the point in accuracy in journalism if you’re willing to literally engage in cannibalism for ratings:

An investigation into the deaths is ongoing…

…and the U.S. military has stated it will not change the policy based on this incident:


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