No, not The Onion. The article is about a store called Tykables in Chicago that sells baby clothes for adults:

From the article:

Tykables, the only brick and mortar storefront in the United States dedicated to adult baby diaper lovers (ABDL), is located in Mount Prospect, a suburb of Chicago. Its customers, John-Michael Williams, the store’s owner says, include those ABDL who have a fetish or sexual interest in dressing like or pretending to be a baby; people who have a medical need for adult diapers and enjoy the brand’s options; and individuals, some of whom are on the autism spectrum, who find the diapers and child-style clothing provide a sense of comfort and stress relief.

HuffPo even included a video tour of the store:

Along with the giant crib and high chair, there is a ball pit for patrons:


Alrighty then…


Tune in next month to HuffPo!



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