Twitchy favorite Mary Katharine Ham of The Federalist sat down with Jake Tapper this afternoon to discuss the failure of GOP’s AHCA bill and as an actual, real-life Obamacare insured, to give her story on how the 2009 law has affected her.

Have a watch (and note, because the trolls failed to, that MKH talks about how many others are hurting much more than she is):

Here’s what MKH had before Obamacare, which she was told repeatedly by President Obama that she could keep:

Anyway, the trolls weren’t happy. This fine, upstanding gentleman wished cancer on MKH:

And this guy called her a liar:

This one called her a millionaire because all Republican pundits are like the guy with a monocle on a Monopoly game:

Or it’s her privilege showing:

It’s always fun when a troll has not idea what they’re talking about:

But this exchange was pretty informative. One because @Shoq is somewhat of a professional liberal troll and two, MKH says she was the only pundit on the stage who actually has Obamacare. Maybe the entire health-care debate would be better if only pundits who had Obamacare were interviewed?


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