This could be the best clip of the entire AHCA debate.

On “New Day” this morning, The Federalist’s Mary Katharine Ham go into it with host Chris Cuomo over the unaffordability of Obamacare thanks in large part to its mandated essential benefits.

The fireworks happened as Ham — rightfully — pointed out that dropping the mandated essential health benefits at the federal level just means states can pick and choose what’s best in each state. Ham gave an example of mandated pediatric dental even for single men with no children, which she blamed on liberals “loving federal power.”

“You can be cheap about it, or you can look at the facts” Cuomo responded. Ham fired back with, “You can be nasty about it or you can listen to me.”

Ham then went on to document her own issues with Obamacare as a single mother of two, including lost plans, a 160% increase in premiums and a 300% increase in her deductible.


What’s even better than the clip is how Chris Cuomo dealt with anti-MKH viewers after the segment:


Nice. It was a good debate and this is what we should have more of on cable news.