Breaking news out of Belgium where we’re seeing reports that soldiers stopped a potential terror attack in the city of Antwerp when they stopped a van before it could drive through a crowd of people:

From the Guardian:

Belgian police have arrested a man after he tried to drive into a crowd at high speed in a shopping area of Antwerp, the city’s police chief said.

At 11am a car drove at pedestrians walking along the Meir, Antwerp’s largest shopping street, and “people had to jump to the side” to avoid the vehicle, said Serge Muyters, the Antwerp police chief.

The driver was arrested after a chase in the city centre.

According to reports, the suspect is a French national of North African origin:

Authorities say knives and other weapons were found in the vehicle:

And possibly guns and explosive materials:

Other reports say it was a pellet gun:

Or a shotgun:

Today’s thwarted attack comes one year and a day after the 2016 attacks in Brussels: