Politics ain’t beanbag and this new anti-AHCA ad is sure to cause a stir today.

In the ad, a woman is shown pawning an engagement ring while a man sells his truck. The kicker? At the end of the ad the man and woman are at the hospital bedside of a little girl, presumably their daughter. There is no dialogue at all in the ad, which ends with “What will the Republican health care bill cost you?” written on the screen.


Of course, this very same ad could have been made by the GOP except the cash from the ring and the truck would go toward Obamacare’s unaffordable deductibles, but we won’t hear about that.

A vote on the AHCA is scheduled for Thursday night in the House, but according to Politico, the votes aren’t there yet:

But even if the bill does pass the House, its prospects in the Senate look grim:


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