For the can’t-make-this-up-if-we-tried file, journalist David Cay Johnston is calling out Donald Trump Jr. because the younger Trump rounded up in his tweet on the amount of dollars his father paid in taxes:

L. O. L. That’s all he’s got? Does he get how ridiculous he sounds right now?

Johnston is also calling out the White House and the New York Times for misstating the total amount Trump paid in taxes. Johnston says the number is $36.5 million while the White House and the NYT say it’s $38 million:

Well then, let’s go to the actual leaked tax return, shall we?

For some reason, Johnston is only reporting the number on line 57 of $36.5 million. It looks like the NYT and the WH are using the taxes paid number from line 63 of $38.4 million, which includes $1.9 million in self-employment taxes from line 58:


There’s only one thing “Sad!” in all this reporting and it’s Johnston himself.