Be careful what you wish for?

On Sunday, Sen. John McCain told Jake Tapper that he wants “Trump confidant” Roger Stone to testify in the Senate regarding his possible connections to WikiLeaks, Russia and the 2016 election:

Roger Stone answered McCain in an Instagram video on Tuesday, while dressed as Hunter Thompson no less:

“Hi I’m Roger Stone. Sen. John McCain says I should  be compelled to testify in front of the U.S. Senate about quote, ‘my ties to Russians or Yanukovych.’ I assume he means former Ukrainian President Yanukovych. He is acting more like Sen. Joe McCarthy than Sen. John McCain. Because I have ties to neither Russians or the Russian state or Viktor Yanukovych in any way. I’m anxious to have these hearings. I’m ready to be sworn and I insist that the hearings be held in public. See you there, Johnny Mac.”


Game on.