This is fantastic!

A spring breaker thought it would be fun to twerk on a Miami Beach police officer’s ATV. That is, until the cop shoved her off mid-dance and drove away. Check it out:

From the Miami New Times:

As of now, the woman’s identity is unclear; Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez tells New Times she wasn’t arrested. Rodriguez says that he is aware of the clip and that the woman should have thought twice before climbing on top of a police ATV.

“The beachgoer made a poor choice when she mounted one of our vehicles as the officer was retreating from a large crowd,” he says via email.

Rodriguez says MBPD’s spring break cops have arrested 30 people as of March 3. (There were 35 arrests between 18th and Fifth Streets and Washington Avenue and Ocean Drive the first week of March alone. But that figure includes more cops than just MBPD’s special spring break unit.)

And apparently, twerking is all over Miami this spring break including on the tops of cars: