It’s not often we actually laugh out loud at a skit on “Saturday Night Live,” but this one was the exception.

In the bit, Scarlett Johansson is a scientist who has developed a machine that’s able to read the minds of pets. Johansson is demonstrating the contraption to her bosses, with her dog Max as the proverbial guinea pig. Except when her Max starts to talk, he expresses his support of Donald Trump and lays into Johansson for being a liberal.

“I like Trump, he’s my man,” says the little pup. “Donald Trump is our president. He carried the electoral college, fair and square.”

The scientists are horrified, of course.

“Your dog’s a monster,” says one of the executives evaluating the device

Johansson then tries to talks sense into her dog. “Max, you’re just a dog. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Max replies with, “It’s just that condescending attitude that made people vote for Trump in the first place!”

Johannsson then ends the demonstration by ripping off the mind-reading helmet and replacing it with a tiny pink “pussy” hat, forcing poor Max into a lifetime of liberal advocacy he doesn’t support.

Check it out: