There are two words the D.A. in Los Angeles should use in response to fugitive rapist Roman Polanski’s attempt to get a deal to return to the U.S. and face a judge on why he fled the country to avoid prosecution: HELL NO.

From Deadline Hollywood:

Ten days before his lawyer squares off against the Los Angles County District Attorney’s Office in a downtown hearing that could open the door to Roman Polanski returning the U.S., the director’s legal representative today basically demanded the courts put up or shut up.

“Mr. Polanski asks this Court to acknowledge that he was promised a specific custody portion of his sentence by Judge Rittenband and he has more than fulfilled the custody portion of his sentence under the principle of comity, California law and the admissions by the District Attorney to the Polish Court,” said a proposed order filed by attorney Harland Braun Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court. “With such assurance by this current Court, Mr. Polanski will return to Los Angeles to be sentenced,” the paperwork adds of the 1977 rape of a 13-year old girl.

Braun promises that if he’ll see no more jail time, 83-year old Polanski will absolutely come back to America and deal directly with the fugitive warrant that’s been out for him since he fled U.S. Justice in 1978.

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