So much for the narrative that the Trump administration is in freefall. Check out these new poll numbers from Suffolk University–USA Today that show Donald Trump has a higher favorability rating that the GOP, the media, Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Congress:

Weird how this isn’t leading all of the nightly newscasts, right?

Especially with Hillary Clinton polling so badly:

Full poll results here.

Some excerpts from the news release…

On Social Security and Medicare:

While Trump pledged to leave Social Security and Medicare alone during the campaign, his new budget director has warned that these programs are driving up the budget deficit. More than 72 percent of voters supported protecting Social Security and Medicare from any cuts, while 22 percent said that policymakers should take steps to control the growing costs of Social Security and Medicare.

On Immigration:

On immigration, 49 percent opposed accelerating the deportation of illegal immigrants who have not committed a serious crime, while 40 percent supported Trump’s rigorous deportation policy. Regarding the so-called “Dreamers” —young people who were brought illegally to this country as children—63 percent said they should continue to be protected from deportation, while 22 percent said that the United States should remove that protection.

On repeal of Obamacare:

On the Affordable Care Act, the bane of Republicans since its passage early in the Obama administration, 17 percent want an immediate repeal, while 25 percent said Congress shouldn’t touch Obamacare at all, and nearly 50 percent said that Congress should repeal the law only after a comprehensive replacement plan is in place.

The poll surveyed 1000 registered voters nationwide from March 1-5.