Earlier today we told you how the SPLC said that bomb-threat suspect Juan Thompson’s actions were “not necessarily anti-Semitism” and were rather an attack on an ex-girlfriend.

Alrighty then. Here are a few tweets we found on Thompson’s Twitter timeline. You be the judge…

On Israel’s war in Gaza where he called Israel “terrorists” (photo is from a recent Israeli airstrike in Gaza):

And that there’s “never” an excuse to go to war against Palestinians:

Here are Thompson’s thoughts on the U.S. supplying military aid to Israel:

In this same thread, he says the U.S. “stole” money from Iran:

So, yeah. Of all the different ways he could attempt to frame an ex-girlfriend, it’s a real shocker that Thompson chose to go after Jewish organizations. Out of left field. Nobody could have seen it coming. Etc., etc., etc.