Well, look at this. Fake news that spreads rumors about immigration raid that aren’t real is “catching fire” on Facebook:

And according to The Verge, Facebook can’t do much to stop it:

The tactic also poses a real problem for Facebook’s nascent efforts to fight fake news. Thus far, the company’s controls have focused around specific links and posts. Once a link is shared a certain number of times, it can be vetted by a third-party fact-checker, which will assess whether the story abides by the basic tenets of journalism. But these reports aren’t journalism, and while the underlying message is certainly trending, it’s been spread out among enough posts that it’s not clear the Flatbush checkpoint would have popped onto Facebook’s radar.

Yeah, right. We’re pretty sure if Trump supporters were spreading fake news like this, those rumors would pop up on Facebook’s (and the MSM’s) radar right quick.

FWIW, ICE has been trying to stop the rumors from spreading as well: