Thanks to wet weather in California, water in the Lake Berryessa reservoir at the Monticello Dam overflowed its iconic bell-shaped spillway for the first time in 10 years, much to the delight of onlookers and visitors. Check it out:

Although ABC News refers to the spillway as “Morning Glory,” most other news sources and locals simply refer to it as Lake Berryessa’s “Glory Hole”:

It’s even that way on Google maps:


California’s Bureau of Reclamation urged visitors to take caution while visiting the Glory Hole: “SAFETY FIRST”!

The Bureau of Reclamation expects the reservoir at Lake Berryessa to reach 440 feet of elevation sometime in the next few days and will begin flowing into the Glory Hole spillway due to high levels of precipitation and runoff into the reservoir.

Visitors are encouraged to use caution in and around the reservoir during this time.

Think “SAFETY FIRST,” Reclamation wrote in a press release.

Here’s what the lake looked like a few days ago:

And in years past: