The Writers Guild of America, West held its annual awards show Sunday night in Beverly Hills with anti-Trump comedian Patton Oswalt serving as host. But it was Twitchy favorite James Woods who stole the show.

In his opening monologue, Oswalt poked fun at Woods (who was sitting in the front row), saying “I want to be very careful making jokes about [Trump] because I don’t want to be kicked to death by James Woods backstage. Which would be an honor by the way. That guy is amazing.”

Woods then jumped up on stage to banter back and forth with Oswalt and make fun of his shoes.

“They’re comfortable!” shouted Oswalt.

“This is an awards show!” answered Woods. “By the way, I lost half my twitter following today by coming here.”

Watch (with Woods showing up at the 3:35 mark):

Oswalt later tweeted that Woods’ appearance “wasn’t staged”:

And that he was surprise at Woods’ “genuine self-deprecating sense of humor”:

And the country begins to heal with Oswalt and Woods leading the way.