“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brezinski announces this morning that Kellyanne Conways, senior counselor to the president, is “not credible anymore” and will no longer be booked on the program:

An excerpt:

“I don’t even think she’s saying things she knows to be untrue, she’s just saying things just to get in front of a TV set and prove her relevance because behind the scenes, she’s not in these meetings. She’s not credible anymore.”

Video here, with Scarborough adding that Conway is “out of the loop” and not in any of the key meetings at the White House:

Brezinski has been a recent critic of Conway, but it looks like Conway’s much-maligned appearance with Matt Lauer yesterday was the straw that broke the camel’s proverbial back:

CNN’s Brian Stelter put together this timeline of Conway’s day on Tuesday to give you a picture of where this outrage from the Morning Joe hosts is coming from: