Today’s outrage du jour is over this Washington Post piece on “ethical concerns” raised by the Department of Defense possibly renting space in Trump Tower as part of the necessary security for President Trump:

But why is this even a story? Ari Fleischer, press secretary for George W. Bush, explains:

Drew Harwell, author of the piece, tried to defend his reporting, but Fleischer shot him down, too:

Harwell went on to suggest that Trump should rent the space to the DoD for $1:

Keep in mind, Harwell also authored this nothing-burger complaining about taxpayer funding of keeping Trump’s kids safe:

Regardless of the merits of having the DoD in Trump Tower, people are already going to go with the scandal angle, however. Some examples…

Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times:

Igor Volsky, Center for American Progress:

Jill Smokler, author:

Bradd Jaffy of NBC News does get it right, however:



ThinkProgress’ Judd Legum discovers sudden new concern of taxpayer-funded security for First Kids