Well, this sounds like something we should be worried about:

From the bombshell of a report:

The FBI reports obtained by The Daily Beast provide data on known or suspected terrorists attempting to enter the country, or who are already in the United States.

These reports show hundreds of watchlisted passengers encountered on domestic flights—meaning they are already in the country—and a smaller percentage crossing the border over land.

Those encounters are reported back to the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center and used to compile the monthly domestic encounter overview reports, which are classified “Law Enforcement Sensitive.”


From Aug. 1 to Aug. 31, 2016, the Terrorist Screening Center recorded 538 encounters with known or suspected terrorists in the U.S. or at its borders. That includes incidents on domestic and incoming international flights, at land and maritime border crossings, during law enforcement investigations, at CBP inland checkpoints, and in the process of administrative work including vetting for visa and refugee applicants.

Of those, only 68 happened at land borders. Michigan alone had 26 such encounters; New York had another 17. Arizona and Texas had none at all—even Vermont and Washington state had more—and California had 19.

Here’s a reminder that our side was mocked for talking about the terror threat from Canada … by The Daily Beast:

Life comes at you fast.