Sally Kohn has taken to posting a #DailyActofResistance over on her timeline with today’s asking her followers to call their senators to protest Neil Gorsuch because he founded a “friggin fascism fan club” in high school:

As everyone knows by now, there’s nothing to this story. And if you don’t believe us, check with Snopes who found it “false”:

Then she dug in:

But let’s look at what Snopes really wrote:


However, we contacted Georgetown Preparatory School to verify whether a “Fascism Forever” club operated in or around that school in 1985, and director of communications Patrick Coyle told us that “no such club ever existed” there.

So she want from Gorsuch started “friggin fascism fan club” and he’s a “fan of [fascism]” to what a high school student joked about in his yearbook is real?

Good advice.



Surprise! That ‘Fascism Forever’ dirt on Gorsuch is a big, fat nothingburger

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