Here’s how the fake news is made, this time on that bogus story about the White House allegedly turning off the recording of last week’s call between Presidents Trump and Putin.

Step 1.

On Wednesday, Turkish journalist Ilhan Tanir tweeted out remarks by Ilan Berman, vice president of the Bipartisan Policy Center think tank, that suggested the White House had purposefully not recorded a recent call between President Trump and President Putin:

Step 2. This unsubstantiated tweet becomes the basis an article on Raw Story that reported it as fact:

Step 3.

The story went viral. Notice the 11,000+ retweets? Some examples from verified Twitter accounts:

Step 4.

The facts come out. Here’s Ilan Berman replying to Tanir telling him that he’s been misquoted:

And then Berman “spent all day clarifying” what he really said:

Including video for proof:

Step 5.

Raw Story corrected its article, but they didn’t delete the original tweet which means all of those 11,000 retweets are still out there generating even more retweets:

And not only didn’t they delete the original, it’s still the “pinned tweet” on the top of Raw Story’s timeline as of the publication of this post:


Delete the tweet, Raw Story, and fast.