Earlier today at Dulles airport, a number of Democratic members of Congress  were stopped by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials after attempting to visit with those still detained at the airport. According to reports, the CBP agents are defying Saturday’s court order to allow the detainees access to lawyers and these congressmen wanted answers. Watch:

One of the congressman, Rep. Don Beyer (VA-8), later tweeted that the CBP officials’ refusal to let them see the detainees amounted to a “constitutional crisis”:

More from Rep. Beyer on how he was stopped while trying to meet with the detainees:

However, calling this a “constitutional crisis” might be a little premature. Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke with DHS head John Kelly who assured him that DHS would comply with the court order and “all those in airports expected to be admitted”:

New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait tweeted that it’s “*probably* bureaucratic confusion,” but his opinion would obviously change if the Trump administration was found to have ordered DHS to violate the order:

To be continued.