#IStandWithShane is currently the No. 1 trending topic nationally, and from the looks of it, it’s another overblown BS story pushed by libs.

The Shane in “#IStandWithShane” is for Shane Dawson, a popular YouTube personality with over 3 million Twitter followers.  Apparently Dawson took to Twitter to bitch about getting kicked out of an event hosted by popular conservative Blaze TV host Tomi Lahren at the Sundance Film Festival — a story which was quickly picked up by celebrities like Kathy Griffin:

This is the alleged video Dawson posted after getting kicked out where he accuses security of targeting him because he’s gay:

Except, Dawson’s initial story has been called into question by Lahren, forcing Dawson to start deleting his tweets.

First up, here’s Lahren’s description of what really went down (TL;DR: Dawson and some other dude pretended to be in line to take a photo with Lahren after the event but were really there to stage a scene for his YouTube channel):

“I was taking photos after the film screening when two gentlemen approached me for a photo. I was happy to do it. I put my arms around them when all of the sudden they jumped in front on me and started kissing. They were not there to support the event. They were not there to take a photo with me. They were there to instigate and make a spectacle to advance whatever political message they placed above common courtesy for our veteran event. These are the tricks of the Left. Designed to instigate and make a scene. It’s sad they choose to play the game and make a scene when I welcomed them to take a photo with me. Security escorted them out because they were causing a scene at our private event. Go ahead and spread your fake news.”

Like we said, Dawson went ahead and started deleting posts on Twitter once he was called out:

And he later apologized to Lahren for “bringing [her] name into this”:

Too little, too late.