Before he was White House press secretary, Sean Spicer was somewhat of an ice-cream critic with a particular dislike of Dippin’ Dots (those flash-frozen, mini ice-cream balls sold around the country). For example:

Anyway, his hatred of the delicious treat had the Kentucky-based company offering up an olive branch of sorts, suggesting that the company host an ice cream social for Spicer and the White House press corps:

From their letter:

Dear Sean,

We understand that ice cream is a serious matter. And running out of your favorite flavor can feel like a national emergency! We’ve seen your tweets and would like to be friends rather than foes. After all, we believe in connecting the dots.

As you may or may not know, Dippin’ Dots are made in Kentucky by hundreds of hard working Americans in the heartland of our great country. As a company, we’re doing great. We’ve enjoyed double-digit growth in sales for the past three years. That means we’re creating jobs and opportunities. We hear that’s on your agenda too.

We can even afford to treat the White House and press corps to an ice cream social. What do you say? We’ll make sure there’s plenty of all your favorite flavors.


Scott, CEO of Dippin’ Dots

Well, Sean Spicer was having none of that nonsense and instead proposed giving the free ice cream to those who really deserve it:

Your move, Dippin’ Dots!