A video posted on YouTube allegedly shows a female Trump supporter getting set on fire during the inauguration by an anti-Trump supporter who seconds earlier was in a mob of women chanting, “Love Trumps Hate.”

The assault took place at the 1:14 mark at the video below when the Trump supporter in a blue hat poses for a selfie next to the protester’s sign. When she walks away, her hair is on fire and — thankfully — quickly put out by a male Trump supporter in the crowd:

The video then shows a zoomed in, slowed down version where you can clearly see the lighter right before the attack:


From the video’s summary:

This happened on Inauguration Day in Washington DC just after Donald Trump swore into office. Everything had been fine up until this moment, and it just comes to show that “Peaceful” Protests aren’t always what they see to be.

The real “love trumps hate” on display.