Patrick LaForge, an editor with the New York Times New York Times editor, deleted a tweet on Thursday where he told The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway to “go watch Fox” after Hemingway and fellow Federalist editor Mary Katharine Ham criticized the Times’ hit-piece on Gov. Rick Perry, Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Energy:

It looks like LaForge deleted the snarky response after Hemingway called the tweet “one of the worst comebacks I’ve ever read”:

Hemingway had earlier bashed the Times’ reporting on Perry, calling their piece alleging that the nominee to head the DOE had no idea what the DOE really did as “the very definition of fake news”:

Keep in mind it’s not just righty media folks who bashed the Times’ single-source nonsense. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes:

Daily Show writer Daniel Radosh:

And the single-source the article, former transition official Michael McKenna, told The Daily Caller that the Times misquoted him:

McKenna, though, told TheDC that the “headline” and lede of the story “don’t really reflect what I said.” He added that “of course” Perry understood the role of the Department of Energy when he was offered the job. Two-thirds of the DOE’s budget is devoted to maintaining the nation’s nuclear stockpiles. The nation’s primary site for the assembly and disassembly of nuclear weapons is located in Amarillo, Texas, a state Perry was governor of for 15 years.

LaForge’s answer to McKenna saying he was misquoted was to claim that others backed up what McKenna had to say, but the Times doesn’t need to list them in the article:

Um, that’s not how it works:

Pathetic is right.


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