A few weeks ago, there was a minor internet blow-up over whether or not actor and comedian Sinbad had ever starred in the movie, “Shazam.” Sinbad did not star in the film, but lots of folks were convinced that he had and would not accept the fact that it was a different actor in the role of a magical genie. Snopes even debunked it.

Anway, Patton Oswalt used that story to make a joke Friday night, tweeting that Ben Carson met with Sinbad today when in reality it was Steve Harvey:

Obviously a joke, right? Sinbad, however, was not amused and went on a tweet-storm to call out fellow comedian Oswalt:

Oswalt’s response:

The next four years of liberals attacking each other over the dumbest things will be amazing.



Liberals Lose Their Mind Over Steve Harvey Meeting with PEOTUS Trump