As you might have heard, Sunny — one of the Obama’s two Portuguese water dogs — bit a friend of Malia’s on the face while the friend was at the White House on a recent visit. According to TMZ, the young woman required stitches to close the wound and it might leave a scar:

Anyway, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dodged when asked about the incident and instead claimed that the two dogs were “good ambassadors” and “represented themselves and our country quite well”:

But rather than call Earnest out on his spin, the White House Press Corps reportedly laughed at it. From The Hill:

White House press secretary Josh Earnest refused to confirm the report, but said with a grin that “Bo and Sunny have been genuine ambassadors to the American people.”

The comment elicited laughter from the reporters assembled inside the James A. Brady Press Briefing Room.

“They’ve represented themselves and their country quite well,” a smiling Earnest added.

What’s wrong with them? A girl gets attacked by a pet at the White House and they laugh about it?

Thankfully Earnest’s nonsense is almost at an end:

Good riddance.


Editor’s note: Ack! The dog’s name is “Sunny,” not “Sonny” and we’ve corrected the error.