And they say we’re the anti-science ones?

On his show Wednesday night, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes weighed in on the ongoing Capitol Hill high school art contest controversy, boldly declaring that the artwork by a Missouri teen that depicts a police officer as a pig wasn’t really a pig.

“Last Friday, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California was the first to snatch the painting, falsely claiming it depicts police officers as pigs,” he said.

You see, Hayes thinks the painting shows a warthog dressed up like a cop, which in his Brooklyn-centric mind isn’t a pig:

Hayes, meet science. A warthog is a pig:

Unbelievable. How did this get past not only Hayes, but every other writer and producer on the show? Are New Yorkers this out of touch?

Maybe it’s because liberals hate football, as Meryl Streep suggested at the Golden Globes last Sunday:

We eagerly await his correction on tonight’s show.