Secretary of State John Kerry Pinocchio gave a speech this morning at the United States Institute of Peace and let’s just say some of his rhetoric on the Obama administration’s actions on Syria was a little off:

He went on to defend President Obama’s now infamous red-line on Assad’s use of chemical weapons:

Kerry went on to blame Congress and the Brits for President Obama not taking action after Assad used chemical weapons to kill his people:

And according to Kerry, not bombing Assad was to keep the chemical weapons Assad was using out of the hands of ISIS:

As for the rest of the world, Kerry doesn’t think “writing checks” is a solution…

…but he’s in favor of a “Marshall Plan” which was literally the U.S. writing checks to help rebuild Europe after WWII:

And he’s in favor of an increase on foreign spending:

Kerry also took a few shots at President-elect Donald Trump and Secretary of State designee Rex Tillerson:

Good riddance.