WTH. This Associated Press headline makes it sound like Berlin terrorist Anis Amria is the victim?!

The “troubled” terrorist couldn’t find work in Italy because he was, you know, a terrorist:

Amri was convicted of stealing a truck in Tunisia and of burning down a migrant center in Italy, his mother said. But he was able to work small jobs while in an Italian prison, and sent money home. Italian authorities called him a problem inmate who had to be transferred to six different Sicilian prisons for bullying other prisoners and trying to spark rebellions.

“When he got out, he called us to say that he could not find work, and he was leaving for another country,” his mother said. He tried and failed in Switzerland, so went to Germany instead.

And don’t blame the Washington Post as this is AP’s headline. For example, it ran on Fox News as well:


And they really wonder why so many Americans have given up on the media?


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