What the hell is wrong with him?

In case you don’t know what film he’s talking about, “Hard Target” stars martial-arts expert Jean Claude Van Damme and it tells the story of a group of rich people in New Orleans who hunt homeless people for sport:

What exactly is the joke here? That Trump’s sons are like the rich guys in the movie that murder people?

Admittedly, “Hard Target” is a great Van Damme movie (not necessarily the same as a great regular movie) that ends with our hero killing the lead bad guy with the old grenade-in-the-pants move:

Fahrenthold, who has been covering Trump and his charitable donations for the Post, has a new piece out on Donald Jr. and Eric Trump and a charity hunting trip that was using their names to solicit donations:

Fahrenthold is now investigating if the Trump sons showed up as directors in any other charities that might cause embarrassment to the president-elect:

“Found nothing so far…,” but keep trying!


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