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Here we go again?

Muslim YouTube star Adam Saleh posted a video to Twitter earlier this morning alleging that he and the group he was traveling with were kicked off of a Delta flight for speaking Arabic:

This would be the same Adam Saleh who was busted in 2014 over a hoax Islamophobia video in NYC:

From the Huffington Post back in 2014:

NEW YORK — Video producers Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar admitted Tuesday that their viral video purporting to show Islamophobia on New York’s streets was in fact staged.

“This video is a Dramatization of previous events that occurred with us in our tradition clothing while filming in NYC,” they wrote in an updated description of their video. “This video is not against the NYPD, it’s just an example of what we have to go through sometimes when filming in NYC. This is to raise awareness for Racial Profiling.”

Saleh and Akbar, who are responsible for the YouTube channel TrueStoryASA, released a video Sunday titled “Racial Profiling Experiment.” In it, they get into a loud argument in front of what looks like a police officer on a street corner. They are wearing jeans and T-shirts, and the officer takes no notice of them. Later, they walk by him wearing keffiyeh scarves and traditional long shirts, and he forces them against a wall and searches them for weapons. Saleh and Akbar initially claimed the video was a real example of an NYPD officer purposefully singling out teens in Muslim American dress to be stopped and frisked.

The Council on Islamic-American relations even demanded an apology from Saleh back then:

But now we should believe him?

Update. Saleh was busted last week in another hoax against an airline:

Update 2. Delta says more than 20 passengers complained about Saleh:



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