During Sunday night’s NFL game between the Cowboys and Buccaneers, Dallas rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott celebrated a touchdown run by “donating” himself into a giant red Salvation Army kettle in the end zone. Check it out:

This act of charity to bring attention to the Salvation Army on national television earned Elliott at 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and potentially a fine from the NFL:

Elliott appeared at a Salvation Army Thanksgiving even a few weeks ago:

And the star rookie said after the game that whatever fine he gets from the NFL he’ll match with a donation to the Salvation Army:

Even better, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones want the NFL to fine him so he can publicize the Salvation Army even more. Jones vowed to take whatever fine he gets over this all the way to the Supreme Court:

The biggest beneficiary of all this, of course, is the Salvation Army which used its time in the spotlight to raise funds: