Just when you thought that hoax story out of New York City about a Muslim woman who was arrested over her bogus claim that Tump supporters attacked her on the subway couldn’t get any worse, it got worse.

Apparently she showed up in court sans hijab and with a shaved head and eyebrows, allegedly at the hands of her father:

From the New York Post:

Her problem, it turns out, wasn’t Islamophobia, but living at home in a traditional Muslim family that allegedly didn’t care for her becoming “Westernized” — dating a Catholic, drinking and staying out late.

On Wednesday, she appeared in court sans hijab and with a shaven skull. It seems that her father removed the long locks she usually covered in a headscarf — and her eyebrows, too. Do New York’s progressives have any comment on that?

Good question. Where’s the MSM coverage of this honor haircut?

Here’s what she used to look like before: