CNN’s Angela Rye documented a rather personal TSA pat-down at DTW in Detroit, including a now viral video of the inspection shot by a police officer:

Apparently Rye was randomly selected for extra screening and that’s when the problem started. From CNN:

The TSA agent told me to spread my legs. Interested to know why I needed to open my legs further than the yellow feet imprints, I inquired. What are the footprints there for, then? She insisted that my floor-length dress would stop flowing if my legs were spread that far apart. I shrugged with a “girl, I guess” kind of indifference.
What happened next was unbelievable. The backscatter machine alerted to my right Uggs boot, three areas near my vagina and I think somewhere on my back.
 According to Rye, she was offered a pat-down in private but she refused:

Here’s the video:

This certainly looks awful and all and we’ve posted before on the TSA’s ridiculous security theater, but was it really necessary to turn this into something anti-Trump?