Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning and asked:

That’s a decent question, right? And we were more than a little surprised to see Hillary Clinton super-fan Peter Daou coming to the president-elect’s defense, saying he had a “valid point” (the linked tweet her was deleted and replaced due to a spelling error):

As we’ve reported, Daou does think the Russians sabotaged Hillary Clinton and helped make her so unlikable (yeah, she really needed help for that?):

Whatever, dude. But it’s hilarious that he’s willing to now drag President Obama into it just to defend his girl.

Anyway, other reporters and verified users decided to make fun o the president-elect’s spelling error in the original tweet (Trump spelled “wait ” as “waite”) rather than dare blame President Obama for not doing more about the Russian hacking:

The spell-check even went international!

Guys — focusing on his spelling mistakes is one of the reasons he won.