As we told you last night, Chris Hayes quickly came to the defense of Julia Ioffe after her awful tweet suggested Donald Trump was in an incestual relationship with his daughter, Ivanka.

But Hayes was not alone is his praise. Here are 21 other journalists who have tweeted their support of the now fired Politico writer:

1. Mark Joseph Stern, Slate:

2. Ben Berkon, Digitas:

3. Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Reason:

4. Chris Geidner, BuzzFeed

5. Julia Reiss, writer:

6. Leon Krauze, Univision:

7. Porochista Khakpour, author/journalist:

8. Miriam Elder, BuzzFeed:

9. Louise Mensch, Heat Street:

10. Bruce Arthur, Toronto Star:

11. Corey Atad, Esquire:

12. Paul Lewis, Guardian:

13. Amy Davidson, New Yorker:

14. Lauren Duca, freelance journalist:

15. Jesse Berney, Rolling Stone:

16. Kirsten Powers, USA Today/CNN:

17. E.J. Dickson, @Romper:

18. Madeleine Sweet, HuffPost blogger:

19. Harry McCracken, Fast Company:

20. Dave Weigel, Washington Post:

21. Anna Merlan, Jezebel:



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