There’s a #FakeNews story starting up on Twitter accusing incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus of making major changes to the daily White House press briefing.

It all started when Sopan Deb of CBS News posted this excerpt from Priebus’ interview with Hugh Hewitt this morning with a “!!” and the quote, “…I think it’s time to revisit a lot of these things that have been done in the White House”:

This was then interpreted to mean that Priebus wanted to do away with the daily White House press briefing altogether, for which there’s no proof. Here’s Rosie Gray from BuzzFeed, for example. Note the number of RTs:

Um, no. He was clearly talking about changing around the seating chart, which Gray noted an hour later. Again, note the number of RTs:

It’s the fake news that gets shared, the correction not so much. Users ended up sharing Gray’s first post, spreading the #FakeNews:

Deb then went on to link Priebus’ comments on the seating chart to Trump wanting to change libel laws, which too was a stretch:

Hugh Hewitt pushed back, resulting in this exchange:

Deb agreed with Hewitt, but added:

So there you have it. One comment about maybe changing who gets to ask questions at the daily WH briefing somehow morphed into the Trump administration refusing to answer questions along with concern over Trump fundamentally changing the 1st Amendment.

Pace yourselves, people. There’s no way this level of outrage over every tiny detail is healthy.