At some point we’ll reach peak outrage over Donald Trump’s election, right? Right?!

But until then, liberals just keep getting more unhinged. Here’s the latest from failed MSNBC host Touré

Toure then got defensive when challenged over Obama’s record and the black community during the past 8 years:

Oliver Willis of Media Matters jumped on as well:

OK, then … if Donald Trump isn’t interested in governing, why’s he meeting with Obamacare advocate Zeke Emanuel today? Would any other Republican have done this?

What about Bill Gates? Did the founder of Microsoft just praise “Boss Hogg”?

And regarding what Trump’s policies will mean for the black community, too be continued. But would anyone have believed you if 2 months ago you’d said that NFL legend Jim Brown would fall in love with The Donald? Hell. No.

And, no … Jim Brown did not vote for Trump:

Over to you, Touré.