Home improvement company Lowe’s is in the news for all the right reasons after its store in Abilene, Texas hired Clay Luth, a disabled Air Force veteran and his service dog, Charlotte:

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Getting a job these days is tough enough. Getting a job for you and your service animal? It’s as hard as it sounds. But Clay Luthy did it.

Luthy, a disabled Air Force vet, had been struggling to find work since he needed his service animal, a dog named Charlotte, to be with him. But he got hired for a part-time job at a Lowe’s in Abilene, Texas. Hiring Luthy meant Lowe’s was also hiring Charlotte.

 “We were interviewing people for his position. And he was one of the applicants. And so he showed up for the interview and he had Charlotte with him,” Jay Fellers, a human resource manager at Lowes, told CNN affiliate KRBC.

How great is Lowe’s? This news has created some customers for life: