For the can’t make this up file, England is telling residents that one way to reduce crime and make yourself safer is to practice “defensive planting.” That’s right … England wants to prevent crime with bushes:

The idea here is that certain types of shrubbery will make it harder for burglars to rob your home and thus act as a deterrent. From the NRA:

Another curious strategy against home invasions and burglaries recently surfaced in England, where private possession of handguns is largely banned, other firearms are prohibited or tightly controlled, and where the right of self-defense has been progressively eroded. According to the Colchester Borough Council, “Defensive planting helps combat crime.” The Council has “joined forces with Essex Police and Poplar Nurseries to launch a Defensive Planting Initiative,” to advise residents and businesses on the “the best shrubs and other living barriers” to plant to deter access to a property and thereby reduce burglaries and other crimes.

However, Twitchy favorite Dana Loesch has a different suggestion. Here’s what she’s planting in her yard:


Yeah, that sign will probably work better than a “military style assault hedge”:

But these signs work just as well:

Or this one:

And this one works: