Another day, another hoax hate crime.

Meet 58-year-old William Tucker from New Jersey who was arrested November 22 and charged with vandalizing cars and homes in Philadelphia with racist and anti-Semitic pro-Trump graffiti on the day after the election:

An excerpt:

One of the damaged cars was a white SUV that had “Trump Rules” and “Black Bitch” spray-painted across it in large black letters. The 62-year-old owner of the car, who is a black woman, has said she reported the vandalism to police.

So he was arrested on Nov. 22 but we’re finding out about it more than a week later? Imagine that. We wonder if the SPLC has update their figures to account for this hoax, although — as we told you — their reporting on all of this is highly suspect and based on anecdotal accounts:

Other graffiti from the November 9 incident said, “Trump rules”:

Exit question: When does Donald Trump get his apology?