Now that it’s Vice President-elect Mike Pence who’s in the news regarding his emails, libs have discovered a strange new curiosity of “hidden” emails:

Keep in mind we’re talking about a single email here and it wasn’t “hidden.” The email was made public, but with redactions and it’s the redactions that are being argued over now. From the Indianapolis Star:

Now that the presidential campaign and most of the furor over Hillary Clinton’s email scandal are behind us, the Pence administration is going to court to argue for its own brand of email secrecy.

The administration is fighting to conceal the contents of an email sent to Gov. Mike Pence by a political ally. That email is being sought by a prominent Democratic labor lawyer who says he wants to expose waste in the Republican administration.


In the case, Indianapolis attorney William Groth is appealing a decision handed down by Marion Superior Court in April, which decided that redactions the administration made to a public record could not be second-guessed by the court.

The focal point in the case is a political “white paper” that had been excluded from Groth’s public records request.

Pence’s legal defense team claims the white paper is attorney work product protected by Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act — and at the end of the day, matters of public records are not for a court to decide.

In summary, Hillary Clinton decided by herself that 33,000 emails weren’t work related is totally cool with liberals in the media. But Gov. Pence makes public one email with redactions and follows Indiana law and that’s a total freak out?

Move along, guys … you’ve lost.