Rep. Mike Rogers, who had been advising the Trump transition team on national security matters, is allegedly out amid reports that there’s a purge of Chris Christie loyalists underway:

NBC News even reported that sources close to Rep. Rogers called it a “Stalinesque purge”:

Well, except for the part where Stalin killed people, it’s exactly the same!

We’re also reading that it might not be because of Rep. Rogers’ ties to Christie after all, but for the way the Michigan congressman handled the Benghazi investigation:

Either way, the media is loving the turmoil and is furiously publishing Donald-in-disarray the expected Donald-in-disarray stories. Some examples…

The New York Times:


TIME’s politics editor:

As for the turmoil, we’re betting that will soon come to an end as Vice President-elect Mike Pence is in NYC today to meet with President-elect Trump and the rest of the transition team: