Whoops! #ImWithHer only works if you’re not too lazy to actually vote, you know:

But to Vox’s Matt Yglesias, this woman’s impatience is actually something much more sinister — voter suppression:

That’s not how this works, Matt. That’s now how any of this works:

Trump supporters didn’t seem to mind the lines:

Also keep in mind that Wisconsin voters could cast a ballot early, which a reported 685,000 Wisconsinites did so they could avoid lines on election day. From WBAY 2:

Early voting is now officially over in Wisconsin with higher turnout than in previous years.

But Assembly House Speaker Robin Vos is suggesting that changes be made to make the process more uniform across the state since right now individual clerks can decide voting times and dates.

On the last day of early voting state officials say more than 685,000 ballots have been received, which is way up from the 2012 presidential election.

And this is a good point. Wouldn’t lines have been longer in past years?

Don’t blame voter suppression when it’s Dem voters who are to blame.