Hugh Hewitt — himself a veteran of the Reagan administration so he knows what he’s talking about — offered Donald Trump some advice this morning as the president-elect begins the process of appointing thousands of people to oversee the federal government.

These rules, according to Hewitt,  will help the new Trump administration avoid and early scandal and allow Republicans to move forward on their agenda.

They are, No 1: Be very, very careful who you pick (these names are Reagan appointees who became involved in scandals after they were chosen):

No. 2: Don’t hire the sons and daughters of your supporters and donors if they’re “not very bright”:

No. 3: The federal government is much more complex from a regulatory perspective than private business, which can lead to a distracting scandal and write-up in the Washington Post:

No. 4 is missing, but No. 5 is be careful with your loyal staffers — that’s who will “bring the most pain”:

And finally, No. 6: Republicans will be treated differently than Democrats and you need to accept that now:

(Caesar’s wife: “A woman whose ethics shall not be questioned.”)

Hewitt also advised Trump to reach out to his opposition as he builds the team:

And, more importantly, President Trump really isn’t in D.C. to burn it all down:

Good advice.