It was a really bad night for liberals in Hollywood and they’re not taking it very well.

Check it out…

Captain America not a fan of America right now:

Chelsea Handler is sad for the Obamas:

Katy Perry is ready for a revolution!

Mark Cuban is making a pitch for unity:

Lin-Manuel Miranda is angry, but not move-to-Canada angry:

Seth MacFarlane is sad for the planet:

And he has a prediction for the future:

And it wasn’t all bad on Tuesday as California legalized weed:

Snoop Dog says this is the 2nd worse day in American history:

Ricky Gervais has newfound respect for walls:

And Brexit:

Albert Brooks is worried about SCOTUS:

Patton Oswalt is blaming the media:

And his brother, Matt, is looking for 1.21 gigawatts to try to get home:

Judd Apatow wants a time machine, too:

Lady Gaga and Cher were in tears:

Cher went on to fling poo later on over on Twitter:

Guy Branum, writer for “The Mindy Project” is all-caps angry:

Star Jones can’t talk:

Leslie Jones is looking for a 2nd Amendment solution: