Donald Trump surrogates General Michael Flynn and former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik are on message regarding FBI Director James Comey’s latest letter to Congress.

The same message, actually.

Kerik tweeted this at 5:17…

…with General Flynn posting this at 5:29:

Flynn went on to acknowledge how computers could search through the 650,000 emails — not all of which were Huma Abedin’s — but he still doesn’t buy it:

However the FBI accomplished it, it’s clear Director Comey “botched” it. Especially since we don’t know how many of the 650,000 emails were reviewed prior to the search warrant or how many of the emails in the metadata were linked to Huma Abedin:

Update. Now Donald Trump just used the line, too, at his rally in Michigan:

Update 2. Here’s how the FBI was able to finish the task in days, not weeks: